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Feeling as though life is getting on top of you? Don’t worry! That’s quite a normal way to feel […]

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Healthy Compartmentalization and the Pomodoro Technique

Often when we hear the word “compartmentalization” it is used in a cautionary capacity. That is to say that we’re generally led to believe that compartmentalizing is bad and that we shouldn’t repress any of our feelings. But just as “guns” aren’t evil so much as the people using them, compartmentalization is actually just a tool that can have psychological benefit when used correctly. For example? The pomodoro technique and stress management. What am I talking about? Read on and let me explain. The Benefits of Compartmentalization […]

How House Plants Can Reduce Your Stress

Want a quick hack that can improve your stress and help your health in a number of other ways? Then just get some plants and put them around your home! Plants in your home have been shown in countless studies to be highly effective for improving mood and general health and there are a number of reasons for this. Read on and we’ll examine why house plants are so useful for stress levels and how you can benefit from them. The Effect of Plants on Stress It […]

How to Get to Sleep When You’re Very Stressed

If you’ve ever been very stressed, then you’ll know that this can make it very difficult to get to sleep. Common when we’re stressed is to lie awake listening to our hearts thudding in our chest and getting even more stressed that we’re not able to drift off and thus re-energize for the days ahead. This is what makes the situation so bad: we know that the less we sleep, the worse the stress is going to seem tomorrow. Ironically, we’ll experience more of the very same […]

Fear Setting for Stress Reduction

Fear setting is an amazing tool that can be used to get over almost any kind of fear or doubt in your mind. Most often it is prescribed by self-help gurus and productivity experts who recommend it as a means to get over fears of taking chances. For instance, if you are someone who is thinking about branching out and starting their own business, you might find that fears of failure are holding you back. This is where fear setting would normally come in, to help you […]